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Finding the best solutions for our customers’ challenges is made possible only by having a great team of experts at work. Our specialists are trained and certified on leading Marketing Automation platforms.
Marketing Automation Platform

✓ Eloqua:

Oracle's biggest asset is its digital marketing war chest, which has allowed it to establish an impressive arsenal of marketing solutions in a relatively short amount of time. Eloqua tries to win this war by providing multi-channel marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C marketers, creating an opportunity to grow its area of influence very quickly. For us, Oracle's Eloqua represents the leading B2B platform and the preferred one among our clients. So far, we have explored all the corners of the platform, beginning with the SmartStart phase of integrating a present marketing activity within the platform, running the first campaigns, and ending with complex multi-channel data nurturing and reporting.

If you already have your digital marketing process within Eloqua, we can help to further enhance the depth of the in-bound processing data, so we can all make sense of the campaign results so far, discover potential flaws and enrich the campaign strategy. If this has sparked your interest, please find the full list of our services here. If nothing suits you there, please leave us a message with your challenge "on our contact page" and we'll reach out to you shortly.

✓ Marketo:

When it comes to marketing automation tools, you should choose the only one that will fit your needs. Marketo is a great mid-range marketing automation tool and it`s a perfect choice for companies that look for an easy to use and intuitive platform.

Our team can help you develop your digital marketing strategy with the use of Marketo. Outsourcing your marketing automation operations will reduce costs and at the same time will maximize the efficiency of your resources. Let us help you develop, organize and optimize your Marketing Campaigns and improve your Lead Generation Programs. Find the full list of our services here.

If you're looking to change your marketing plan and migrate from Marketo to Eloqua we can assist with this process from start to finish (from asset and data migration to the recreation of all your lead scoring and system programs). Get our experts advice now!

Marketing Automation Platform
Marketing Automation Platform

✓ Act-On:

Marketing automation tools are designed to help marketing departments to easily schedule emails, automate social media posting, segment contacts, and track the customers' lifecycle.

Act-on software is designed for small and mid range companies, being very intuitive and simple to use. This marketing automation tool offers a clean and fast integration with other platforms ( such as Salesforce) using connectors. Everything from segmentation to campaign creation can be easily done without advanced knowledge and involvement of the IT department.

The automation functions are very good and the drag/drop interface for campaign creation can help you develop complex nurturing programs.

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