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Marketing Automation Consulting PROCESS CHAMPIONS

Platform Champions

Marketing Automation platform understanding sits on a rather flat learning curve. It takes a lot of challenges and day to day use to really own the functionalities and be able to mix and match creative solutions that fit strategic goals. It goes up exponentially as we move our focus towards enterprise companies and platforms.

We are the logarithm that puts the platform in the hands of our clients and transforms the most challenging business needs into efficient and creative solutions.

Marketing Automation Consulting Platform CHAMPIONS

Process Champions

The cycle that the Marketing and Sales teams must go through for designing and deploying a Marketing Automation campaign can be overwhelming and confusing. While one of the overall goals of Marketing Automation is bringing Sales and Marketing closer, it often creates gaps of understanding that lead to a poor campaign conversion outcome, making both sides unhappy.

Analyzing the business process and augmenting it with best practice campaign development tools and hand-off documents will turn this barrier into a success story. Asking the right questions at the right time will automatically enable an efficient process and shift the operational mindset towards lead conversion. solutions.

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