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Leveraging our hands-on technical expertise, deep automation skills and engineering mindset, we assist the best B2B brands in the world on their journey to enhanced digitalization.

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Raise your company's digital intelligence. Mobilize MarTech solutions towards the greatest business impact.

Join forces with a great team of marketing automation experts that easily embeds in your existing marketing team, augmenting the strategic and technical expertise so critical in today's online world.

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With a keen focus on discovering new paths for complex marketing automation challenges, and on leveraging data engineering best practices, we guide enterprise leaders towards a path of great digital progress.

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Eloqua Consulting

8 Common Challenges Faced While Implementing A New Eloqua Install

Oracle Eloqua is a powerful ally in any marketer’s arsenal. It is a vast, enterprise-level platform that can handle your digital marketing needs. As with anything this capable, though, there is a pay-off; Eloqua’s learning curve might be the biggest challenge to overcome when implementing an entirely new install. However, given enough time and patience, the platform can surely reward your company with great value.

Eloqua Consulting

How We Relied On Eloqua For An Outside-The-Box Event Solution

Events are an essential component of the marketing mix. A survey conducted by Forrester Research shows that in 2019, B2B marketers allocated, on average, almost 15% of program spending to event marketing, and 55% of respondents said they planned to increase this spending in 2020. From product launches to conferences or tradeshows, events contribute to brand growth, giving companies the chance to spread their message across easier, capture new leads, and build loyalty among existing customers.

Eloqua Consulting

Eloqua Administration Best-Practice: Data Normalization

Nowadays, data has become the core of all business activities, getting more and more important than ever before, and continuously aiding decision-makers in understanding the behavioral pattern of their consumer demographics. With every business generating vast amounts of data, there is plentiful sorting to be done to make sure that decisions are not based on irrelevant or outdated information. This is especially true when it comes to data generated by marketing automation platforms like Eloqua.

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Playing in the field of true enterprise innovators, we are on a mission to help brands globally connect with their customers through marketing technologies, and to guide marketers further towards brand new frontiers of operational, marketing automation efficiency.